Victoria's Leading Solar Company$4174* Rebate For
Batteries In Bairnsdale

Do you qualify for a rebate from Solar Victoria on a Tesla Powerwall II?

Victoria's Leading Solar Company$4174* Rebate
For Batteries In Bairnsdale

Do you qualify for a rebate from Solar
Victoria on a Tesla Powerwall II?
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Solar Batteries Bairnsdale

Solar batteries have been a popular topic of discussion lately in Bairnsdale. With so many generous rebates offered by Solar Victoria to install not only solar panels but also solar batteries, there are great opportunities to invest in renewable energy. However, these rebates are only offered to eligible applicants and are released on a monthly basis.

Do You Qualify For Any Solar Rebates?

Government Solar Subsidies Bairnsdale

There are three main types of solar incentives available to you if you are in Bairnsdale. The first is a Feed-In Tariff in Bairnsdale, the second is the STC Incentive and the third is the Solar Victoria rebate if you are an eligible applicant. So, what are they?

Feed In Tariffs Explained

Bairnsdale has plenty of sunshine, so most homes won’t use all of the energy produced. So, residents can get credited by their electricity retailer for the excess solar energy that they feed back into the grid.

STC Incentive Explained

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are assigned to all Solar and Wind systems under 100kW of generating capacity. The number of certificates awarded to each system differs around the country, with 5 zones mapped out based on the differing amount of sunlight across Australia. So, a system installed in Bairnsdale will receive slightly different certificates than that of its counterpart in Melbourne.

Solar Victoria Rebates Explained

The Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program will provide eligible Victorian households with a rebate of up to 50% of the purchase cost (up to the capped amount) to install solar PV panels on investment properties, owner occupied properties, businesses and solar batteries. These rebates are only offered to eligible customers and are released on a month-to-month basis.

Rebates Available:


On Solar Batteries


On Solar Panels for residential properties


On Solar Panels for businesses


Compare Top Solar Batteries

Read about all the biggest names in solar batteries like Tesla, LG, Enphase and so many more. All for free! With over 500 online reviews, you’ll find the perfect battery.


Tesla Powerwall II Unboxing

What comes with a Tesla Powerwall solar battery? We open one and show you what’s inside. With a Tesla Powerwall solar battery, you can store your solar power for later use.


Truths About Solar In Bairnsdale

Solar panels are a great way to save money. But what should you be looking for? Download our E-book and find out what to look for and avoid when buying solar

Forget Everything You've Heard About Solar

Say Goodbye To The Power Company

Say goodbye to pay checks that are spent on your power bill. Say goodbye to never being able to tell what your electricity bill will be like. Solar Panels in Bairnsdale are a revolutionary product which will help you take back control of your electricity. Be free from the tyranny of the power company; get solar panels and save money.

Say Hello To Hello Solar

To date, Hello Solar has helped install over 249,000 solar panels – This is equivalent to the annual pollution offset by 47,000 acres of forest. We’re the most trusted and preferred solar retailer in Bairnsdale. We could not have done this without our customers who have trusted us with their contribution to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. Join our Hello Solar family today, and together we can take one step closer to a more sustainable future.

I want Solar in Bairnsdale, but where do I start?

The solar industry in Bairnsdale is booming. But, it can be hard to navigate the huge range of options available. That’s why we are here to support anyone wanting to invest in solar power in Bairnsdale.  Request a call back if you want to skip lengthy research and get some simple and straight forward advice on where to start with solar in Bairnsdale.

Do You Qualify For Any Solar Rebates?


THE INSIDE SCOOP Truths about Solar in Bairnsdale

Find out what to look for and avoid when buying solar.

Solar panels can become an expensive investment if you make some of these common buyer’s mistakes. If you’re in the market for solar panels, it is important to do your research before you buy. In this guide we give you the inside scoop, on what to look for and things to avoid when going solar.

Proudly Transforming Children’s Lives with North Melbourne Football Club

Hello Solar is not just about bringing down your bills – we aim to transform children’s lives as well. This is why we have proudly sponsored North Melbourne Football Club for the past four years. Every year, we contribute to their Kicks For The Kids campaign, a part of the Good Friday Appeal, to positively impact children’s lives at Royal Children’s Hospital.
Strong Community Partnerships
In 2019, we joined hands with AAMI Insurance, Yakult Australia, and Fujitsu Global, raising about $60,000 for noble causes.
Pensioner Discounts
We also have special deals pension card holders nationwide. Show us proof of your status as a pensioner and save on all your purchases.

Company in numbers

Hello Solar is one of Bairnsdale's largest solar companies.