Solar Buyers Guide: Perth

January 9, 2018by sari@hello
Solar Buyers Guide: Perth

Australia has a major solar power capacity and is ranked as one of the countries with the highest solar penetration in the world. Solar panels are on the rise in Perth.  In just 50 years, Perth has gone from being one of the most heavily coal-dependent cities in Australia to one that produces almost half its electricity from renewables – all thanks to solar panels!

Solar panels in Perth can also significantly reduce your electricity bills. It has been shown that people who use solar panels pay less for their electricity bills than those who do not have them installed. So you’ve heard about solar and the benefits, but where do you get started?

This guide covers the most commonly asked questions about solar:

  • How do I find out about renewable energy incentives?
  • What are the benefits of being a solar power user?
  • How much do solar panels cost in Perth, Australia?
  • What should I look for before signing up to a solar installation company in Perth, Australia?

How do I access solar rebates and subsidies in Perth?

Solar panels in Perth are becoming more and more popular every day with so many people installing them on their houses. There are currently three main types of solar incentives available to you if you are in Perth, that make solar an affordable investment. The first is a Feed-In Tariff and the second is the STC Incentive So, what are they?

Feed In Tariffs Explained

Perth has plenty of sunshine, so most homes won’t use all of the energy produced. So, residents can get credited by their electricity retailer for the excess solar energy that they feed back into the grid.

This is a form of micro-generation that allows solar system owners to generate their own solar energy and then sell what they do not use back into the grid. This process is called as feeding in or selling back to the grid and the amount that is paid per kWh is referred to as the Feed In Tariff. 

STC Incentive Explained

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are assigned to all Solar and Wind systems under 100kW of generating capacity. The number of certificates awarded to each system differs around the country, with 5 zones mapped out based on the differing amount of
sunlight across Australia. So, a system installed in Perth will receive slightly different certificates than that of its counterpart in Melbourne.

Once installations are registered with the Clean Energy Regulator tradable certificates that can be bought and sold on the market are created. Depending on volume, a price is negotiated between the buyer and seller for the transfer of the STCs.
Visit https://www.sunwiz.com.au/australian-pv-rec-zone-map/ for a detailed map of STC Zones.

Below we have provided a rough estimate of the value of this rebate for three popular sized systems. Please note, the STC deeming period reduces each year and these estimates are indicative for the time of writing. To learn exactly how much you can save with the STC incentive, contact our team today to get an exact quote.

Let’s say we installed these systems in postcode: 6000, Perth, WA

  • 6.66kW system – $3,496 incentive (Eligible for approximately 92 STCs valued at $38 each.)
  • 13.32kW system –  $6,992 incentive (Eligible for approximately 184 STCs valued at $38 each.)
  • 99.90kW system – $52,440 incentive (Eligible for approximately 1380 STCs valued at $38 each.)

What are the solar panel options in Perth?

This trend of solar uptake in Perth has increased as more people are starting to realise the benefits that they can offer, such as reducing electricity bills significantly. However, dozens of solar panel providers in Perth have made it difficult to find the best solar panels for the state’s sunny climate. There’s a lot of information out there to consider and it can get confusing when choosing the best solar panels.

The best advice we can offer is to find a manufacturer that you feel comfortable with and who has a good reputation. One of the common mistakes that buyers make when looking for a solar system  is not really understanding what they are looking for and then making a bad decision. It is important that you do your research and find out more about the products before you buy.

Solar sounds great, but where do I get started?

This guide was a great starting point for getting solar installed in Perth , but there is still more to do before you get started. Download our solar buyers guide to keep reading for a complete overview of the process, as well as some tips on how to research the market. Hello Solar has been providing dependable service to these areas for over 5 years. Request a call back if you want to skip the reading at get some simple and straight forward advice on where to start with solar.