Solar Batteries, What’s All The Fuss?

August 18, 2021by sari@hello

Solar batteries are an innovative solution for anyone who wants to maximise their solar savings. These batteries work by capturing the energy from the sun during the day and then storing it for later use. Solar batteries are new, convenient and great for reducing your environmental footprint. Today we will be discussing how solar batteries work.

What are they?

Solar batteries can either be installed as a retrofit to an existing system or as an all-in-one package with a new solar system. Depending on where you are in your solar journey, it is possible to design a solar solution perfectly suited to your consumption behaviour. Put simply, batteries are an accessory to a solar system. They can store solar energy for later use, when you need it most.

What are the most popular batteries?

To name a few, the biggest solar battery names taking the industry by storm are Tesla, LG & Sonnen. With any new technology, it’s important you research what your specific requirements are to find out which batteries are most suitable. Batteries are not one size fit’s all and it’s important to buy the right sized battery, as opposed to just going for the most popular brands.

In summary

You can never go wrong with the full package, solar and battery to maximise your savings. With these two together, you can save on electricity bills and have the peace of mind that you are saving money around the clock. But they shouldn’t be purchased without research and the right advice.