The Potential of Solar Energy

August 25, 2021by sari@hello

Solar power gets more popular with each growing day. Solar power proves to be effective for our environment. Moreover, it is also cost-effective. Today we will be discussing the potential of solar power in Australia.

The goal is simple, to convert solar energy to electrical energy. The world is trying to adapt to it for the environment. A good population of Australia is already aware of why shifting to a solar energy source is so important.

The Potential of Solar Energy

In 2020, Australia was able to set a new record for the number of solar panels installed. Seemingly, Australians are happy to shift to renewable energy. They are installing more solar panels on their rooftops. This is going to generate more power without disturbing the environment.

Australia is an excellent option for solar energy generation. The reason is simply because of how sunny it is all year round. This is also a big reason why people did not need much convincing to go solar.

The Statistics

In 2020, renewable energy was responsible for 27.7% of Australia’s total electricity generation. The acceleration of Australia’s renewable energy transition is largely due to a range of recent government programs and policies that have been applied nationally.

23.5% of this achievement was driven by small scale solar, with technologies such as wind, hydro and medium scale solar making up the remaining portion.

In Summary

Generous solar rebates and incentives are responsible for the massive uptake of solar around the country. The right way to go regarding photovoltaic energy is to find out what rebates or incentives you are eligible. Australia has already gone so far in this movement for solar energy. The reality of fully solar-powered energy awaits and Australia is going strong in this race.